Seven Ways to Get a Cat to Like You

You can always trust that when a poll comes out about cats, I will share it with the people!! Stars Insider shared the results on how to get a cat to like you! Check them out below.

1. Let them come to you. A study in Switzerland found they're more likely to approach if you ignore them. Another study found interactions last longer if they initiate them.

2. Get down on their level. They're less likely to feel intimidated when you're down low.

3. Hold one finger out. You might have already noticed they like it. Researchers think it's because cats greet each other nose-to-nose, so your finger simulates that.

4. Only pet them where they like it. In general, that's their face, head, and chin. Most cats don't like their back, stomach, feet, or tail to be touched at all.

5. Play with them more. They'll start to feel more comfortable around you if you do. If they're active during the day, they're more likely to sleep with you at night.

6. Talk to them while they eat. It helps them associate your voice with the good feelings they get from food.

7. If it's a kitten, handle them a lot. Cats that get picked up a lot as kittens tend to be friendlier toward humans as adults. But don't pick them up when they're eating, sleeping, or cleaning themselves. It stresses them out.

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