Hire A Tutor To Help Your Kids Play Video Games

It's not just kids that are obsessed with playing video games.  My ex obsessively played for 8-12 hours a day!  I have tons of friends who play Fortnite, and my brother plays World Of Warcraft.  I am surrounded by tons of people who make it their JOB to play games.  

Frankly, I'm over it.  I used to play video games, but I think that it needs to be enjoyed in small doses.  Take breaks!  Know your priorities! 

My little sister wants to play all kinds of video games, and I have done everything I can to make her go outside to get away from a screen.  I was always outside playing when I was her age!

Times change, as always, and I guess we have to cope with the fact that kids will only know the view of a screen in front of them instead of an open field to run in.  

Here we go!  Does your kid struggle with losing?  Do they throw fits, or become down on themselves? Parents have now started hiring TUTORS to help their kids play games.  

What would possibly possess parents to hire a video game coach for their kids?  There are three main reasons . . . 

1.  Helping their kid improve at "Fortnite" improves their social life.  One parent told the "Wall Street Journal", quote, "There's pressure not to just play [a game] but to be really good at it." 

2.  Kids are more obsessed with video games than ever, so their parents want them to be really good at something they love that much.  So in that way, it could be like when your parents got you, say, horseback riding lessons. 

3.  And with the rise of e-sports, if a kid gets good ENOUGH, maybe they could go pro at video games and make real money. 

 It's all so true!  You can read more HERE

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