Product Sold In North Carolina Grocery Stores Poses Major 'Safety Risk'

Photo: Colleen Michaels/iStock/Getty Images

A popular grocery store with locations all around the country, including in North Carolina, has issued a recall over one of its products as it poses a major "safety risk."

Trader Joe's has recalled its Mango Tangerine Scented Candle, with SKU # 56879, because of a potential unexpected burn patter. According to a press release from the company, "the candle flame can spread from the wick to the wax causing a larger than expected flame, posing a safety risk."

According to a 2020 analysis from the National Parks Service, around 21 house fires are caused by burning candles each day around the country, with fire departments responding to over 7,600 candle-related fires annually that lead to millions of dollars of property damage and approximately 81 deaths on average, per KTLA.

Anyone who has purchased the candle is asked not to used it and to either throw it out or return it to any Trader Joe's for a refund. Questions can be directed to the company's Customer Relations department at (626) 599-3817 or via email.

For more information or to see a photo of the affected product, visit

This is the latest recall affecting products sold in North Carolina. Last month, several brands of ice cream were recalled nationwide after it was determined the pose a risk for causing "fatal infections."

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