Thousands Gather in Dino Costumes to Set World Record

Asheville, we have an opportunity to set a world record because this group failed...

Last month, the world record for the "Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Dinosaurs" was almost shattered in Canada. However, it won't count because TOO many people showed up.

On April 27th, thousands of Canadians in T-rex costumes gathered in the small town of Drumheller. The event, organized by the local tourism board, aimed to beat the record of 252 dinosaurs set in Los Angeles in 2019.

Estimates suggest up to 6,000 T-rexes attended, but this created a problem. They weren't prepared to count that many people. The official count was based on wristbands, but they only had 3,000 available. Although they could have settled for that number, many wristband-wearing T-rexes left the event too early.

To break the record, all participants needed to stay in one spot for a full minute, which didn't happen. The tourism board shared the disappointing news on Facebook but assured everyone that they'll be fully prepared next year, making it an annual event.

Asheville, we could do the funniest thing and take this from them! I am all for it! Who is with me??

Watch the video of the event below!

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