It's INTERNATIONAL CAT DAY and Obviously I'm Celebrating

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL CAT DAY!! Once upon a time, I hated cats. I was allergic to them when I was little. I was attacked in the face by a momma cat protecting her babies, and I grew this hatred for cats until I was 18 years old. That all changed when I met my best friend's cat, Dianna. Sadly, Dianna is no longer with us, BUT her personality... sweetness... and her comforting purrs changed my perception on cats. I also realized I grew out of my allergies. That's a thing apparently.

I started to come around to cats by giving them a chance. Ultimately, I adopted my baby Piper, and the rest is HISTORY! Crazy Cat Lady Ariel was born. I love helping cats get adopted through the Asheville Humane Society, and volunteering with Asheville Cat Weirdos for kitties in need. My goal is to change ever cat hater into a cat lover... starting with my co-host Josh Michael... will he come around? We will see!