"OVERDONE" Wedding Ideas That Planners Want You To Stay Away From

I'm the type of person that says, "You Do You Boo!" If you have these ideas at your wedding, then that's awesome. It's your big day, and that's all that matters.

Although, I can understand that weddings can become cookie cutter, and there is no YOU in the wedding. Just Pinterest ideas.

According to Buzzfeed, these are the ideas you need to steer away from.

1: Strapless Dresses

2: Bridesmaids in cowboy boots

3: Labor Intensive Drinks

4: The "rustic" aesthetic like mason jars

5: Sparkler exits

6: Ed Sheeran songs... "GASP HOW DARE YOU?"

7: Cha Cha Slide ( this one is kind of ridiculous...)

8: Naked Wedding Cakes

9: Playing "Single Ladies" during the bouquet toss

10: Mason Jars as centerpieces (seriously? this had to be mentioned twice?)

Ok, I'm done with this list. Buzzfeed can just stop now.

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