The Perfect Gift For The Millennial In Your Life

Now, before any of my fellow millennials get upset... I'm a millennial and I found this to be VERY funny. I would buy it for myself. Why shouldn't we reward ourselves for "adulting" every day? Older generations might make fun of us for it, but honestly ... they are just jealous they didn't think of the idea. Daily life is HARD. You deserve that sticker.

What am I talking about? The "I Adulted!" calendar that is coming out next month. It's a 16-month calendar that will come with 100 stickers you can give to yourself for doing a good job! One of my favorite stickers is, "I emptied the litter box" sticker... I mean... I could really us that in my life.

It's going for $16 on AMAZON

Are you with me? Will you be rewarding yourself with stickers this coming year?


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