Cheesy Valentine's Day Gifts Your Lady Doesn't Want!

GUYS! Take notes! There is a good chance you got your sweetheart one of these gifts for Valentine's Day this year. Some are actually surprising.

2,000 people were surveyed and asked what gifts they thought were cheesy and did NOT want for Valentine's Day...

1. Pink furry handcuffs. So the whole S&M thing ISN'T romantic? Shocking.

2. A tattoo of their name.

3. A giant teddy bear. Because it's useless, and where do you put it?

4. An oversized card with a cheesy quote.  

5. A huge heart-shaped balloon.  So it sounds like anything oversized is risky.

6. An album of nothing but love songs.

7. A heart-shaped locket.

8. An expensive bouquet of roses. That's the most surprising one on the list.

9. A giant cookie with "I Love You" written on it.

10. A heart-shaped box of chocolates. 

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