Starbucks Hacks You WANT To Know!

We get that mornings can get hectic, and when you don't get your coffee fix it ruins your day. We have hacks for your next Starbucks visit that will not only make your visit enjoyable, but also save you money!

1. If there's a long line, order on their app. Then skip the line, walk up a few minutes later, and ask for your drink. If it's not done yet, they'll usually rush it.

2. If you don't like super-hot coffee, order your drink at “kids' temperature." It'll save your tongue from getting burned.

3. Ask for your "grande" coffee in a "venti" cup. It gives you more room for cream. And if they accidentally overfill it a little bit, boom . . . that's free coffee.

4. If you're up for something new, ask what the barista likes, and order that. They know better than anyone what's good. And they probably have a few hacks of their own.

This is just a few... visit the link below for MORE hacks!


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