Bride Demands Dress Code Based On People's WEIGHT

There's a woman who's getting married in Hawaii next year, and she sent out a Facebook message to her guests that found its way onto Reddit and is now going viral.  Why is it going viral?  Well, she set a dress code for her guests based on WEIGHT! 

Here are the requirements:

1.  Women under 160 pounds are supposed to wear a green velvet sweater, orange suede pants, Louboutin red-bottomed heels, and a Burberry scarf. 

2.  Women over 160 are supposed to wear a black sweater, black pants, and black heels. 

3.  Men under 200 pounds are supposed to wear a purple fuzzy jacket and all white sneakers. 

4.  And men over 200 are supposed to wear all camouflage, with black sneakers.

 She also states, "We want you to invest in an outfit valued at at least $1,000."

Word got back to the bride that the post has now gone viral, and she is demanding that all of her guests take a polygraph test so she can know who put her on blast.  You can see the FULL post HERE

I'm sorry, but this is a BRIDEZILLA!  Am I wrong?  Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook! 



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