Snow Day Fun Day! Here Is How You Can Conquer The Cold!

With the snow storm coming, most people are getting ready to hunker down in their homes and ride it out.  It can get pretty boring if you stay inside your home for days on end, so we wanted to help!

Here are some ways to keep yourself busy, and have fun inside during the storm!

1. Catch up with your friends!  Use this time to Skype, FaceTime, or use Facebook Messenger!

2. BINGE WATCH!  We all fall behind on our favorite shows, so use this time to catch up, and get back into the know. 

3. Get Your Sleep On!  Most of us have busy lives, so catch up on some much needed sleep!

4. Yes, we are going to say it, CLEAN!  Along with having busy lives, we tend to neglect projects in our home that could use some attention.  Clean the baseboards, or clean out that closet! 

5. Take a walk down memory lane.  Pull out the old photos, the albums, the year books, or heck.. even the old lap top with a ton of saved photos on it.

Or ... you could go OUTSIDE ...go sledding... start snowball fights... etc etc... 

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