Josh and Noah - Donate Life

Throughout the years I’ve been blessed to meet a ton of amazing people through this radio show and radio station, but I had no idea a few weeks ago that I would meet someone so special…who’s 10 years old.  Noah came on the show to help promote a benefit for him and his family, and we had an instant connection.  As I sit and wait for a kidney, Noah is waiting for two lungs and a liver and his bravery amazes me on a daily basis.  Noah has breathing treatments daily, more meds than one person can count, and the only constant for him is pain.  Noah has such an adult outlook on his daily struggle and future, almost too much for how a 10 year old should be. 

The connection between Noah and I is strong.  We both understand each other’s daily struggles, when we are hurting we can tell the other and he will TRULY understand….and most importantly, we can laugh through it all.  I can be honest with you and tell you that my journey into Kidney Failure and waiting on a transplant hasn’t always been easy, and it’s gotten me down…really far down at times.  Noah helped turn that around.  If this 10 year old can be so strong, so can I…and just simple texts with Noah, or meeting for dinner has given me something important to look forward to. 

Who could imagine a connection of friendship between a 36 year old guy and 10 year old boy could be so strong, but it is…and I’m thankful. 

This photo shoot was the idea of one of Noah’s nurses and it was perfectly executed by Noah’s sister Victoria with Victoria Grace Photography to help promote the importance of Organ Donation.  If you would like more info on becoming a living donor, discussing your desires after death with family, and/or how to get that important “heart” on your driver’s license, please visit Donate Life

If you’d like to follow Noah’s journey, follow his Facebook Page Here ---> ALL FOR NOAH 


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