Life Hacks To Prepare For Florence!

With Florence on her way it's always good to be prepared!  Gold Hill Volunteer Fire Department posted some life hacks that can, not only help in Florence, but help in all storms!  Check it out!

1. Put ice in a washing machine for a cooler. You won’t have to worry about the water draining as the ice melts. (This is a very temporary hack and be sure to cycle water out in the spin cycle as soon as the power comes on)

2. Fill your bathtubs up with water for a water πŸ’§ supply in case the power goes out for toilets πŸš½ , general water usage, etc. Also use a silicone drain cover or silicone pot holder to seal the drain. (Toilets in rural areas require power if they run on wells, so when there isn’t power simply pour water in the top of the toilet to flush.)

3. Strap a head lamp to a gallon jug of water to fill room with ambient light πŸ’‘

4. Amplify light πŸ’‘ with mirrors

5. Freeze ziploc bags 3/4 full with water πŸ’¦ for extra ice to keep freezers and coolers colder longer

6. Turn off and disconnect electronics πŸ–₯ in case of a power surge

7. Crayons can burn for up to 30 mins like a candle supposedly

8. Solar lights for your yard can be used inside for use when the power goes out at night. Just remember to recharge outside during the day.

9. Fill your cars πŸš— up now with fuel before the rush, same goes with any supplies. Go sooner than later to get emergency supplies.

10. Put your phone in airplane ✈️ or battery saver mode to conserve your battery

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