National Tequila Day! Frozen, Or On The Rocks?

Happy National Tequila Day! 

Here at our job we are big fans of the margarita.  Not everyone is a tequila fan though.  For some it can make you angry, for others... your clothes come off!  

We want you to be safe today, but also LIVE IT UP!! Share photos too.  Here are some things you might not have known about Tequila and it's special SPECIAL day!  NATIONAL TODAY 

1.  76% of Americans say they like margaritas.  Only 1% of people say they've never ordered one because they hate tequila.


2.  67% of people prefer a frozen margarita over one on the rocks . . . but there are 3% of people who say they'll JUDGE you if you order one that's frozen.


3.  24% of people have trouble only drinking one. 


4.  26% of people always lick the salt off the rim . . . 14% of people never do.


5.  And finally, only 4% of people say they've never tried one. 


You should also check out this woman on Ellen try many different brands of Tequila.  It's insane!



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