Did Your Favorite Series Get Cancelled By Netflix?

Did your favorite Netflix show get the ax? It seems that Netflix does not like long running seasons, or even crittically accalaimed series. They will cancel when they want to. Business insider compiled THIS LIST running down a lot favorites that have gotten the ax. Did yours make the list? Check out some popular shows cancelled below!

"Ozark", canceled after 4 seasons.

 "Marvel's Luke Cage", canceled after 2 seasons

 "Santa Clarita Diet", canceled after 3 season.

 "Dead to Me", canceled after 3 seasons.

 "The Kominsky Method", canceled after 3 seasons.

"Glow", canceled after 4 seasons.

"Dear White People", canceled after 4 seasons.

"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt", canceled after 4 seasons.

 "American Vandal", canceled after 2 seasons.

 "Mystery Science Theater 3000", canceled after 2 seasons.

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