Miss Illinois Warns Women - UV Manicures Could Cause Skin Cancer

Karolina Jasko is Miss Illinois, and she is speaking out about the harmful use of UV lights in our nail salons.

When she was 18 years old she was diagnosed with melanoma. When she went to the nail salon a nail technician noticed a dark line under her nail bed.

She was only a senior in high school, but she had been getting her nails done since she was a freshman.

"I would get acrylics put on once or twice every other month."

When she was diagnosed with skin cancer she was first told that she would have her thumb amputated, but they ended up just having to remove her whole nail matrix. Her thumb will never have a nail on it again.

The doctors told her that skin cancer was mostly genetic, but the over use of UV light sped up the process.

We know MANY women who enjoy getting their nails done, but it's always better to be safer than sorry!


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