Man Proposes With SIX Rings- Tells Girlfriend to "Pick One"

This boyfriend went ALL OUT for his proposal.  

A guy named Dennis Brown the Second proposed to his girlfriend Atara Dallas last week in Miami.  He's a designer, so he went all out!  He laid out rose petals on the floor, and he had a giant poster made of a poem he wrote for her. 

The most lavish thing he did for her was buy her SIX different rings, so she could pick the one she wanted!  A little "Sweet Home Alabama" inspiration there?  Maybe... 

People believe that he set the whole thing up to go viral, and BOY is it going VIRAL . . . but maybe not how he wanted.  

There are people that are critizing him for the gesture of six different rings... 




She ISN'T wrong...

What are your thoughts?  Do you think he did something amazing, and sweet.  That his heart was in a good place... or this IS a red flag?  Let us know on our Facebook.

She said YES by the way... and picked the ring with the teardrop-shaped diamond.



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