This Could Be The End Of PBR FOREVER

According to DELISH Pabst Blue Ribbon may be on it's way out FOREVER.  

MillerCoors and PBR struck up a deal in 2001 where MillerCoors would be responsible for the packaging and production of PBR products, but now MillerCoors wants out since the contract ends in 2020. 

MillerCoors says that they simply don't have the means to produce what PBR has requested, and that PBR is not paying them enough.  PBR says that MillerCoors is lying and that they cannot stand on their own without MillerCoors.  PBR is now suing MillerCoors and could ultimately ruin itself.  

Will this be the end of PBR?  It very well could be.  Twitter was distraught by the idea...



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