Monopoly For Millennials! Will You Buy It?

This actually sold out on Amazon and Walmart, but it should restock soon... 


"Forget Real Estate.  You can't Afford It Anyway."  Smooth Hasbro...  There is a game piece shaped like a hashtag . . . a rule where whoever has the most debt in real life goes first . . .

Can you imagine the group of people who came up with this game?  They were brainstorming around a table and someone thought "MILLENNIAL'S!  Let's make fun of them!  They are so dumb... they will buy it anyways!"  

It definitely sold out on Amazon and Walmart, so maybe their tactic was genius.  It probably would be more fun than the original anyways.  They looked for a way to stay relevant, and it sold like crazy.  Maybe that's how the world works now.  Take a generation of people, demean them, and make MILLIONS!  

Monopoly, let us know when you do Baby Boomers!  That would be a game worth playing! 



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