What To Expect, and How To Prepare For Florence

With Hurricane Florence coming, we still have time to prepare for what is on our way.

According to  WIKI HOW this is how you should best prepare for a Hurricane. 


  • Buy enough food and water to last a few days
  • Prepare your fridge and freezer
  • Have your prescription medication
  • Make sure that you have the necessities like flares and medical supplies
  • Take your supplies with you


  • Stay on top of the news
  • Find the local evacuation routes
  • Discuss and practice the disaster plan
  • Inform your kids
  • Plan the location that you will evacuate to
  • Keep a physical copy of the emergency plan
  • Save a little money

Florence is on her way to us, and she is already a Category 4 continuing to strengthen.  What makes her so dangerous, and why are we going to get the worst of it?  

Well, let's go to one of the BEST explanations we have ever seen of why Hurricanes are so powerful. 

Share with family and friends so everyone is as prepared as possible! 



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